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CEO of Talentia Software company, which is specialized in Finance Payroll and HR product, Viviane is leading a 31,7 M€ company which employs over 280 people, and has more than 2500 customers worldwide.

In her prior professional experience, Viviane worked in Finance for a number of years for companies such as Suchard and CARO. Gradually, her following positions enabled her to build a real capability in managing people and leading the teams she managed to successes.

She became CEO in January 2007. Under her leadership the SME has developed in a successful company, with strong revenues. Viviane is very much involved in actions which contribute to building awareness on ICT economic and social impact. In addition she contributed to workshops in 2003 around the Annual Family Convention (managed by the Government).

Vice-President of the European Network for Women in Leadership (WIL Europe), Viviane is also the President of the Syntec Federation, bringing together the Digital, Engineering, Studies and Consulting, Vocational Training and Events sectors, as well as a member of the Executive Board of the MEDEF, the leading network of entrepreneurs in France.

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