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Anna Bowtruczuk


HR Director


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Anna holds an MSc in Psychology and has completed postgraduate studies in management at Kozminski University and SWPS University in Warsaw. She started her career in Human Resources in 2006. Since joining Lingaro in 2012, Anna has played a key role in more than doubling the company’s headcount, refining its onboarding processes, expanding its internal knowledge sharing programs, and designing agile talent management processes for its teams in Poland and the Philippines. She has been recently promoted as HR Director. An ambassador of an open-minded and value-driven leadership approach, she focuses on fostering Lingaro’s unique company culture that attracts the market’s best performers and encourages them to shape their own path to success. After spending more than 13 years in Human Resources, Anna strongly believes that a company’s success comes down to the passionate motivation of the people it has onboard.

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