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Inga Karten

Miller & Meier Consulting

Senior Special Advisor


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Inga is a Government Relations and Public Affairs professional who has lived and worked in Berlin, Brussels, Washington D.C. and London. She advises international corporations on their political strategy with a focus on German and EU politics. Her main fields of activity are political analysis, stakeholder management, strategy development.

Inga has been working at Miller & Meier Consulting since 2008. During this time she worked among others as German spokesperson for the billion Euro project of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Denmark and Germany. Between 2013 and 2017 Inga founded and headed the U.S. office of Miller & Meier Consulting in Washington D.C.

Before her time with Miller & Meier Inga worked as political consultant in Brussels. Inga is now based in London where she works as Senior Special Advisor and additionally focuses on projects in the area of Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion.

Inga is WIL Board Member, co-founder of de'ge'pol W, the network for women in political consulting in Germany active mentor. Inga holds a Master's degree in political science, German language and literature as well as media science from the University of Cologne and recently studied Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge.

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