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For the second exchange of Empowering Girls in November 2021, we had the pleasure to welcome #youngtalent Celina García in conversation with WIL Member Anne Houtman, as a #rolemodel.

Anne is currently teaching at Science Po Paris after a long and rich experience in senior roles in the European institutions.

Celina is 16 years old and is from Cortes de la Frontera, Spain. Celina describes herself as curious: she always likes to learn new things, including languages, and she has a particular interest in the sciences, especially in Mathematics and Physics. This conversation with Anne was an opportunity for her to meet an inspiring female leader with a pan-European knowledge and expertise in her field of interest!

Anne advised Celina that the most important job of your life was to get to know yourself, to find what really gives you pleasure and to understand where you have talent. Celina's aspiration is to become a Maths teacher - Anne encouraged her to follow this goal and, above all, to try to be good at it! Anne also encouraged Celina to keep her eyes and ears open in order to learn from all those whom she would cross during her career, and to always show empathy and listen to people

Here is what Celina told us after her exchange with Anne:

“This experience has been extremely helpful for me. I've always liked Mathematics, but meeting Anne has made me love it! 

Anne gave me a crystal clear insight into the field of science and wise advice for my professional life. Until now, I never had a mathematician role model but this interview has allowed me to discover that I definitely want to follow Anne's steps. 

So now I can say that thanks to WIL Europe and to Anne, I am certain about what I want to do in my life.”

Thank you Celina and Anne for sharing your passion with us!

You can watch a fragment of their interview here:

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