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For the third exchange of Empowering Girls in January 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome #youngtalent Mariana Shuvalova in conversation with WIL Board Member Milena Harito, as a #rolemodel.

Milena is currently Advisor-Sherpa of the Chairman and CEO of Orange, after being Albania’s Minister for Innovation and Public Administration. 

Mariana is 17 years old and is from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is currently a junior student in an international school in Nanjing, China and wishes to pursue her future university studies in the field of International RelationsThis conversation with Milena was an opportunity for her to meet an inspiring female leader with many years of experience in both the private and public sectors!

Milena reminded Mariana about the importance of choosing her personal path and following it. For this, she advised her to not wait for others to tell her the way but to, instead, decide what she wants to do and go for it. 

Here is what Mariana told us after her exchange with Milena:

Milena helped me to deepen my understanding of the skills and duties that are required in this particular field [public administration] and provided advice on selecting a future career subject. As International Relations branch out into various career options, some often involving politics, it was extremely interesting to meet a successful woman in this area and get to know the different sides of a political career

This interview has encouraged me to continue following my career choice and explore thoroughly other options than diplomacy, which has been one of my main focuses until now. I will gladly use Ms. Harito’s advice in my future workplace, as well as in my day-to-day life.

Thank you Mariana and Milena for sharing your passion with us!

You can watch a fragment of their interview here:

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