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For the fourth exchange of Empowering Girls in March 2023, we had the pleasure to welcome #youngtalent Maayane Aharouni in conversation with WIL Fellow Élise Bruillon, as a #rolemodel.

Élise is currently the Director of Formind, a cybersecurity expert. She has many years of experience in Business Management, Data Protection, Privacy and areas involved with Digital and IT. She first worked as a legal counsel and then for Orange during 16 years, where she specialised in security and risk management. 

Maayane is 18 years old and is from Paris, France.  She is currently in her second year at EPITA, a computer science school in France. She wishes to pursue her future career in the growing sector of cybersecurityThis conversation with Élise was an opportunity to connect with an inspiring female leader, giving her an insight into women’s leadership and Elise's experience working in cybersecurity to build the world of tomorrow.

Here is what Maayane told us after her exchange with Elise:

This experience gave me the opportunity to talk with such a successful and incredible woman.

I had the opportunity to exchange with Elise about a lot of subjects, such as empowerment and management in the Cybersecurity field. She gave me the motivation to continue pursuing a career in this field!

Thank you Maayane and Élise for sharing your passion with us!

You can watch a fragment of their interview here:

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