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For the fifth exchange of Empowering Girls in March 2023, we had the pleasure to welcome #youngtalent Uchindami Felistas Kachale in conversation with WIL Fellow Marit Sillavee, as a #rolemodel.

Marit is currently an EU diplomat, working on EU citizens’ rights issues at the EU Delegation in the UK.  She has 15 years of experience in communications and outreach, public relations and political communication, capability building and stakeholder engagement in London, Brussels and Tallinn. 

Uchindami is 19 years old and comes from Lilongwe, Malawi. First born daughter of Justice Dr.Chifundo & Mrs. Mary Kachale, her parents have inspired and shaped how she views the world. She tells us they are the reason she is pursuing a degree in Computer Systems and Security at the Malawi University of Science and Technology, and plans to use the knowledge she squires in this sector to secure and protect the finances of her people.

During their conversation, Marit advised Uchindami on the importance of the youth, of always sticking to your values and embracing your failures.

Here is what Uchindami told us after her exchange with Marit:

The exchange with Marit allowed me to see how what matters most in life is who you become and not what you have done. How family and friends are just as important as any achievement one can have and that the mistakes on the journey are just as precious as the win"

Thank you Uchindami and Marit for sharing your passion with us!

You can watch a fragment of their interview here:

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